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    The Proofreading Company assists native and non-native academic clients from a broad range of research disciplines in preparing manuscripts for submission to publications.

    We work closely with a team of English language editors on all aspects of texts, from spelling and grammar to style and logical coherence. We also ensure that manuscripts conform rigorously to the publisher’s requirements; this includes thorough bibliographical reference checks where requested.

    We are proud to see many of our clients published in top-ranking journals, and regularly receive excellent feedback for our work.


    After working on a dissertation or thesis for weeks on end, it can be difficult to spot errors and ensure that your work is well structured and elegant.

    We help native and non-native students with every aspect of their writing so that, when you submit your work, it is to the highest possible standard—and a pleasure to read.
    Our proofreaders also make sure that your text abides by editorial guidelines, that your style is consistent throughout and that your argument is logical and convincing. We carry out thorough bibliographical reference checks where required.

    Our clients include speakers of both UK and US English, and we are pleased to have assisted them in achieving outstanding academic results.
    We send your text back with tracked changes, clear suggestions and thorough feedback. We are available to go through any queries you may have until you are completely satisfied with the result.


    We provide a proofreading and copy-editing service for all types of writers. Novels, blogs, articles, scripts, websites, CVs and cover letters have all passed before our eagle eyes. Whatever you’re working on, we’re passionate about the details that will make your text stand out—so that your readers react as you intend.

    As well as making sure every aspect of your writing is flawless—from grammar and punctuation to style and structure—we tailor our editing to the specific aims behind your text.

    If you’re writing a novel, for instance, one of our literature specialists will look closely at narrative, voice, tone,characterisation, consistency, structure and lexical choices, and spot opportunities for greater creativity, entertainment or persuasion, depending on your intended readership.

    If you’re writing the content of a website, we’ll make sure it clearly and concisely conveys the information you wish to communicate, that each section is consistent and works with other parts of the website, and that your language is appropriate to your target audience.


    The Proofreading Company makes sure the language you use makes you look good. That it’s accurate, reflects your core messages and perfectly complements your branding.

    We offer services to meet a broad range of corporate requirements. We take on all kinds of projects, ranging from final proofreading for tight printing deadlines, such as polishing up financial reports for Big Four accounting firms, to more extensive drafting work for key corporate texts, such as rewriting marketing material for Swiss hospitality schools.