The Proofreading Company has now rebranded as Tate & Clayburn to reflect its full range of editorial and language services.

Since we started out in 2012, our projects have increasingly ventured beyond proofreading alone, and we now find ourselves copyediting, copywriting and translating just as often as we proofread. We have also grown from an initial team of two to an expanding small business with a team of outstanding experts and a diverse global client base, from EU institutions and the UK government to a plethora of leading brands and academic researchers.

In 2020, we achieved certification for compliance with internationally recognised quality management standard ISO 9001:2015, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement and customer care.

We've therefore felt for some time that a new name, brand and website were overdue, and in February 2021 we made the switch!

To check out our full range of services, please visit us at tateandclayburn.co.uk or use the menu on the right to go straight to the page you need.


Business copyediting

Proofreading for Businesses

Since 2012, Tate & Clayburn has provided the finest and friendliest editorial expertise to businesses across the world, meaning in-house teams can focus their energy on what they do best. Our copyediting service will help you enhance your brand with language that is sharp and impactful – leaving you with copy you feel proud to put in front of your customers.

Academic editing

Academic Proofreading Services

Our professional copyeditors take a deep dive into your document, ensuring it reads naturally and that your ideas are conveyed logically and clearly throughout. We’re highly experienced at editing non-native English and can help you avoid the common pitfalls. Once we’re done, we’ll take the time to work through any queries together until you’re thrilled with the final draft.

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Copyediting for individuals

Student Proofreading Services

Whether you’re a novelist preparing to pitch a new manuscript or a job candidate looking to impress, our wordsmiths will help you deliver a piece of writing that dazzles from start to finish. Our friendly, open-minded and creative team have reworked everything from instruction manuals to poetry, blogs to books.

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Public sector copyediting

Copyediting Services

Our experienced editors will sharpen your copy so it has a real impact on your audience. We’ll work on all aspects of your language, from sentence structure and readability to word choice and tone of voice. We’ve edited hundreds of documents written by non-native authors, and we know how to turn jargon-heavy copy into natural, accessible English.